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The Recording Academy Announces The Latin Grammy Awards

The Recording Academy Announces The Latin Grammy Awards

The Grammys are considering adding an Afrobeats category to the Grammys’ Latin Grammy nominees. According to an official statement from the Recording Academy, the Latin Grammy Awards, the Oscars of the Spanish-language recording world, will soon join the Grammy Awards in judging the Latin American music industry.

The official Grammy announcement, which was revealed earlier today on the Grammy website, gives “further context to the announcement that the Recording Academy also plans to consider adding a Latin Grammy category to its annual Latin American music awards.”

The announcement also refers to the fact that the Recording Academy decided to create the Latin Grammy Awards after hearing from a broad range of people in the Latin American music industry — a list that included Latin Grammy Awards nominees Natti Natasha and the Cuban-American musician and actor David Nava.

While the Recording Academy statement refers to the Latin Grammy Awards as the Latin Grammy Awards, they say that “the Latin Grammy Awards will be presented by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and, together with the Latin American Music Awards, will be known as the Latin Grammy Awards.”

The statement goes on to explain that the Latin Grammy Awards “will be judged and recognized for excellence in music in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

As we reported earlier this month, the Recording Academy considered adding the Afro-Latin Grammy Awards to its list of nominations at the Latin Grammy Awards.

The Afro-Latin Grammy Awards was created to honor the best of “Latin America and the Caribbean’s contributions to the global Afro-Latino musical canon.”

The two awards now also go by their new name, the Afro-Latin Grammy Awards.

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