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The Only Reason You Can Believe That You Aren’t Psychic

The Only Reason You Can Believe That You Aren’t Psychic

World Series: Jeremy Pena Won Over Astros on Way to NLCS MVP

Jeremy Pena was having a great year.

It ended with an MVP performance, on the way to a championship, in Game 7 of the NL Division Series.

Sleight of hand is real, and it is hard to imagine a better case for believing in telepathy in your favorite sport. Pena, a 36-year-old pitcher, hit a home run, and he was so good at it that the Astros had to change all that he did in the game to make the hit go in.

It’s not magic, or impossible, or a dream. It’s just the product of the human mind.

That’s the first step, actually, and the first step is believing. When you have something you know to be true, when your mind knows it to be true, then you begin to see it.

It takes a little time to process this truth. Until you do, you can make mistakes.

Jeremy Pena’s swing. He saw the ball hit, and he swung, and he hit the ball.

That is the only explanation. No amount of “bizarre” or “mystery” can hold its own to that type of logic.

You have to believe.

But I do, and there’s no way to prove you aren’t psychic.

Believe it or not, I believe Jeremy Pena hit that home run in the World Series.

I believe.

So if you don’t believe it, don’t believe me.

But go ahead. Ask me.

I won’t tell you what is behind it. Not today.

It doesn’t matter. I’m going to give you my answer. No, it’s more than an answer so don’t ask.

It’s my mind’s answer.

It’s my mind’s answer.

It’s my mind’s answer.

I’m going to believe.

That is what happened. I know that,

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