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I’m a Democrat and I would tell them to vote for a woman for mayor

I’m a Democrat and I would tell them to vote for a woman for mayor

Letters to the Editor: Sheriff Alex Villanueva embarrassed himself again today by making the accusation that I am not a “real American” because I am a Mormon.

What’s next, Gov. Andrew Cuomo saying the same thing after I said he wasn’t a “real Italian?”

I know for a fact that this is not the first time Sheriff Villanueva has made baseless allegations like this. It’s just a stupid excuse to put me down to be a scapegoat.

I have never been a church member, never attended their meetings and never paid any money ever to have that kind of relationship with that group. I have never given any money, never asked for favors or favors at all. I never knew the man and I did not know about the church until after his mother passed away.

And I have never been a real American either. I am a citizen and a citizen of this country. I do not belong to any club or country club or society or union or fraternity or any group. I did not vote for anyone and have never voted in any election in my life time.

As for Governor Cuomo, let’s just hope he finds a way to apologize for what happened in New York, in the name of political expediency, rather than a sincere apology for his racist comment made on national television.


Long Beach

If I could give all of my friends here in Long Beach an easy answer to this dilemma, I would.

I would tell them to vote for a woman for mayor in a race that is far from an easy one to win.

Nancy Pelosi would be running a lot better campaign if she would just admit her husband is a racist after the latest revelations of his racist past.

What would be best for Democrats would be a candidate that is not a RINO, a woman, or a black person.

She should not be allowed on the ballot in this election

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