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Biden says he is not calling for a new investigation into Clinton

Biden says he is not calling for a new investigation into Clinton

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Donald Trump’s decision to release the secret FBI file on Hillary Clinton is a “total political scandal” that is harming the country’s trust in law enforcement, Joe Biden told the BBC.

The former vice president, who has been an outspoken critic of the Democratic presidential candidate, said a “big, big problem” lies with the Democratic Party and establishment politicians who have allowed the Democratic National Committee to get away with destroying evidence by hiding emails and documents from officials such as investigators.

A senior FBI official told US media that the agency received the Clinton email probe file eight months before the Democratic National Convention kicked off in July, but did not review it until August. The official told CNN in August that the FBI was trying to confirm the contents of the documents before deciding whether to make public them.

Former Vice President Joe Biden. (Photo: Getty)

“The Clinton scandal is all about the Democratic Party, and the Democratic National Committee,” Biden told the Today program, adding, “You do have people running for public office who are totally compromised and have no integrity.”

Biden, 77, has repeatedly slammed Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was secretary of state, and in June said he would only vote for her if he believed there was no proof she had done anything unlawful.

Now that Trump has given a full report on this, and it does not seem too partisan, I think we might go through that one as well,” he told the Today program. However, he again said he was not calling for a new investigation into Clinton, which has been widely expected.

The former vice president, who endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in 2016, went further in describing the actions of the FBI director who interviewed Clinton in July but did not inform her that she had been under investigation.

“The FBI director is in a difficult position with respect to his responsibility to his agency and the Constitution,

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