YouTubers sparked outrage after watching a video about the coronavirus

The YouTube prayer channel started during Covid that’s causing a stir

YouTubers pray on one another after watching a YouTube video about the coronavirus, in the Philippines.

One of the viral videos on YouTube that sparked outrage among Muslims caused the hashtag #YouTubeRapedMuslims to trend on social media in the Philippines.

The video, posted by Muslim YouTuber Ali Abdulkareem on March 31, has just over two million views and was removed within 24 hours after it was reported. But the channel, which has more than 10,000 subscribers, continues to make money by hosting similar YouTube videos.

It wasn’t immediately clear what started the outrage.

“I’m a Muslim and a practicing Muslim, and this video offended me a lot,” Abdulkareem said in a video published on Wednesday. “How dare you create a channel and show your hatred towards Muslims, against our religion and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?”

He said that as a Muslim he “does not approve” of the video and said he had tried to explain the video to YouTube. “They didn’t listen to me. They simply didn’t even care to stop and ask for explanations. They just kept on making the thing. That’s why I’m so angry at them.”

Abdulkareem, a member of the Sufi Duaa (Islamic Order) movement, said he was targeted because of his “Islamic lifestyle.” “It’s not that I have anything against Muslims, because they have rights also. But I do have something against you, the non-Muslims who have made a channel for hatred against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,” he said in the video, which has over three million views as of Thursday.

A total of five of Abdulkareem’s videos were removed within 24 hours, but the channel continues to make money by hosting similar YouTube videos.

“We don’t know what’s in the heart of YouTube. And sometimes it is hard to understand what is behind the actions of the channel owners,” one of Abd

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