Women of the World: The Warrior Queen

An action spectacle built around true story of female warriors, this documentary was made for the U.K.’s Channel 4.

Warrior women: The Warrior Queen is a documentary film about the brave fight to preserve our cultural memory of the warrior women who were fighting for their rights as well as for our freedoms.

We were asked to bring the video of the women to U.S. audiences, both through Vimeo (where it will be published) and through screenings at the Smithsonian Museum.

This film is dedicated to all who fought for a cause and to women everywhere who want to continue that fight.

Women of the World: The Warrior Queen begins with a historical overview to remind us that women have been in battle for as long as any man and the story of the warrior queen Saliha Bin Nesa as told in this film draws on historical figures including Saliha and women of the great British, Russian, and African empires.

With a focus on the women who were fighting for their basic rights and who were fighting for the rights of women, the film examines how women have been oppressed in ancient and modern times. We then look at the history of women’s rights and what’s at stake for women today, particularly the rights to education, marriage, and abortion.

Finally, Saliha Bin Nesa and her son Sa’d Bin Nesa discuss the women’s movement she fought for in the 19th century and she offers a glimpse of the struggles women still face today. Saliha Bin Nesa herself lived out her life in relative obscurity after her defeat in Khartoum, but she has now been recognized with an honorary degree and will be honored with a monument in her native Sudan.

We are in the middle of the final push in the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. with over 20,000 women and young people expected to assemble in the nation’s capital on Saturday, Jan. 21. We are also hearing directly from the thousands of activists on the ground who have been working alongside the organizers of the

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