Who will benefit Mexico and the people of Mexico, if we don’t change our government?

Letters to the Editor: A “short brown’ Oaxacan was Mexico’s greatest president. What say you, Nury Martinez?

Hector Villagrana, New York

Dear Hector:

I’d like to know what you think about my friend’s comment – “Who will benefit Mexico and the people of Mexico, if we don’t change our government?” I’m not disagreeing with him as a person, but I don’t agree with the way he is interpreting my country.

I look at the Mexican government and I look at the Mexican people, and I think they are one and the same because they are both poor. So why would we change the country, not because it was not perfect, but because it was not adequate, that we are not willing to make the necessary changes.


Nury Martinez

Mexico City

Dear Nury:

I think we need to take a page from the book of history and change the system, and the people who are running our government. The people who have been running our government and governing this country have been doing a masterful job of ruling the country well, but they are not the ones who make up the public opinion because people don’t want their leaders to make the changes necessary.

I don’t believe that anyone who has taken power from the people and placed it in their hands has any right to claim to be the sole representative for the people.

In fact, in Mexico, there is always an abundance of people who will be willing to give their names to the government in order to give power and authority to whoever is elected, and for that person to have the authority to rule the country.

As my grandfather, José Joaquín, said, “The best government is the government with the citizens.” We have to take a page from history and go beyond “this or that.”

We need a new system of government and our best hope is a new leader. Unfortunately at this time, we do not have the necessary resources to build a new system to make this nation a truly independent

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