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Watch: World’s longest running prank video

Watch: World's longest running prank video

The YouTube prayer channel started during Covid that’s causing a stir

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The idea for the channel came from former US vice president Al Gore.

This is part of a series looking at how people around the world are taking on challenges. For more see #WhatDoWeWant?

The video featured a variety of voices from across the world, such as Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg and British actor Michael Sheen.

“What a beautiful thing YouTube is. I don’t actually have the YouTube app on my phone today, but thanks to these videos I know what YouTube has to offer,” said Al Gore after the video was seen more than 3m times.

The original video has received more than 2.5m views and is trending on Twitter.

The next video is expected to take viewers on a quest.

Watch: World’s longest running prank video

The prank video has been running for two years and has prompted plenty of responses.

“My advice is never take a job where you can’t eat pizza,” said former US basketball star John Amaechi.

“I have always believed God uses people for their good in the world,” said singer Nona Hendryx.

But the video has also had its critics.

“People are using this as an excuse to harass your family for donations to the Red Cross,” said one Twitter user, who has blocked the @gretaThunberg hashtag.

Al Gore was also among the voices on the video.

“This might be a bad time for a video. But it’s not a bad day to make a video which is so important,” said the former vice president in a video message.

Another person wrote: “This is one of the longest running videos on Facebook. Please do not change the original one.”

Facebook has been flooded by angry comments, with at least 1,000 people signing a petition to “stop this”.

But other people said it was a good thing about it.

“I don’t mind changing this to make it more acceptable,” said one

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