Vote Today for the Republican Candidate for County Clerk

In-person voting begins today in Los Angeles County.

When you go to the polls today, the ballot you will cast will be your choice for County Clerk.

This is your chance to say yes or no to the four candidates for County Clerk – all of who have run for the office and who all support local government.

What you can’t do today is cast a ballot for the one who has not been nominated. That candidate is Republican John Rhea, who is vying to be the Democratic candidate against incumbent County Clerk Steve Vaus.

With his record of opposing many government functions, Rhea can’t win the race.

But we are asking you to do what you can.

If you have already voted, you will have voted for candidates you support, and your vote will count without your names being recorded so as not to create voter records for those of us who prefer to keep our voting private.

You can find your voting record in the County Clerk’s web site, which has been updated for this election with the results of the recent recall election.

You can also check on the websites for the four County Clerk candidates and find your vote there too.

If you choose not to vote, you will still be able to register to vote, but only those for whom you vote will be listed in the polls where you vote.

If you still have questions, please call the Los Angeles County Election Department at (888) 856-8463.

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