Trevor Noah to record stand-up material after final show

Trevor Noah plans to do ‘everything’ (and stand-up, of course) after ‘The Daily Show’

With the last show of season 13 of The Daily Show in the books, the team has taken some time off from the regular routine of news, interviews and political jokes, with the exception of a series of interviews with a number of actors, musicians and comedians.

Noah, the veteran correspondent and star of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, had also been planning to record some stand-up routines after the finale, his publicist says.

However, when the news broke on Friday that he would not be hosting the show at the end of its current run, he took a few days to decide on more serious projects he could pursue outside of the show.

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‘Daily Show’: Trevor Noah will record stand-up material after his final gig on the show

As of late Thursday, his publicist told that his schedule was full with his commitment to his ‘new show’ and other, unspecified, future projects.

‘We’re not going to go into details about them.

‘Trevor will work on a new show, on what his schedule looks like at the moment,’ wrote the publicist, who declined to be named.

The Daily Show, which has aired for more than 30 years, celebrates its 31st edition with the traditional end-of-the-year-show featuring comedian Jon Stewart.

Trevor will work on a ‘new show’ with plans for stand-up, a publicist said The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, 30, whose 30th anniversary show is set to air on the Daily Show on December 29

Since it was first launched in 1985, The Daily Show has been renowned for its news-based humor, but also delved into subjects that have ranged from politics to religion.

At his last show in 2007, Noah took part in a segment where guests were encouraged to share stories of people they knew and what they had seen in the news.

In 2012, he interviewed the Dalai Lama about the Chinese government’s human rights record.

‘The Daily Show’ with Trevor Noah will air on Friday, December 22 at 11

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