Tom Felton’s “I’m Going to Tell You What” is a Memoir of Recovery

‘Harry Potter’ actor Tom Felton explains how an escape from rehab helped his sobriety

HONOLULU — When Tom Felton’s parents first learned he was going to rehab, they weren’t sure he could make it through the four-month program.

But, within weeks, Tom said his own battle with addiction began to be transformed.

Tom, the Oscar-nominated actor who plays Ron Weasley for the “Harry Potter” movies, said he never gave up on quitting drugs or alcohol, but instead had to learn to change his outlook on life.

In his new memoir, “I’m Going to Tell You What: From Addiction to Sobriety,” Tom recounts his journey through rehab and his eventual return to work in the movie industry — one day at a time.

“I’m Going to Tell You What” is a moving tale of recovery that can be read in its entirety, or you can jump ahead to a chapter.

After Tom graduated from rehab, he began spending the day writing.

“What I was doing at rehab was writing a memoir about my sobriety. At that point, I thought nobody was reading it,” he said.

The book was later released as a free online book from publishers Penguin Books under the title “I’m Going to Tell You What: From Addiction to Sobriety.”

Tom’s father, John Felton, encouraged his son to write about his journey and the obstacles that he faced in his recovery.

Tom described his father as someone who believed in his son and who believed in him when he was struggling with issues like addiction.

But, as Tom began writing the memoir, John Felton grew more and more concerned about Tom’s sobriety and his recovery.

“He told me that he was happy to hear that I was being honest when he suspected it was something different,” Tom said. “He always believed in me. He always told me that I was an amazing son.

“I had to change the path I took. I had to become a stronger person and

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