Tom Campbell refuses to disclose emails he exchanged with business partners

Ex-Anaheim mayor refuses to publicly disclose emails amid FBI corruption investigation

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Former mayor Tom Campbell is refusing to disclose the contents of more than a dozen emails he exchanged with business partners in his last four years as mayor, citing the ongoing investigation into alleged bribes.

The mayor, who left office last month after 26 years in office, is being investigated in one of the largest FBI corruption cases in U.S. history.

The FBI has been investigating whether payments were made to three business partners in exchange for helping Campbell get city contracts.

Campbell’s attorney, Tom Barrett, told “NBC Nightly News” he will release the emails “as soon as the investigation is over.”

“Because we can’t have a complete picture without all of those emails,” Barrett said of the ongoing FBI investigation. “At least we have begun to understand a little bit of what they (the FBI) are going to learn.”

In an interview with “Nightly News,” Barrett said he has a “good idea” of what is in those emails but he can’t go into details because “they don’t want that released publicly.”

Campbell is being sued in one of the largest FBI corruption cases in U.S. history, but his attorney says he is not a target of the investigation.

“Mayor Campbell is not

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