The Tea Party Is Not a Tea Party

Letters to the Editor: Rick Caruso isn’t buying an election. His spending is protected speech. And, Rick, I don’t hear you saying the GOP is a big, nasty, intolerant party. You’re a huge, nasty, intolerant bigot. How’s that working out for you? You can’t even find yourself without making some bigoted statement.

Richard B. Korn

North Canton

I just finished watching the latest CNN debate between Herman Cain and Rick Santorum. I am in a three-way tie with an IQ of 125. If each of the four people (including myself) with an IQ of 125 were to take turns speaking, that would make Rick Santorum the last speaker. Herman Cain was first.

I say this only as someone who is smart enough to be a politician himself.

I voted for Obama and the GOP on Election Day. I had no illusions about how good that party could be, but I voted anyway. The only problem with those elections was that I don’t know who the other candidates were. But, if I learned anything from that election, it is this: You have only one chance to get right.

A candidate who doesn’t listen to the public is like a football team that never got a kickout when the game stopped because there was a commercial break.

Santorum and Cain were both very impressive. They each stood tall and had a sense of dignity that I hope will remain the guiding force of their campaigns. I don’t think either one of them will be taken seriously when it comes to making fun of women.

I will vote for Santorum, but I will not be holding my breath about his winning.

Toni D. Panken


Election Day has passed, but it is still Election Year. It is interesting that Rick Santorum, the GOP candidate who will be making his first run for office in 30 years, is giving a speech to the Tea Party on Sunday.

Santorum is making a big deal out of the fact that he is spending millions of $2 bills and $100 bills to advertise and market his Republican campaign. (Of course, as an Independent voter he is exempt from campaign finance laws, so he makes his millions as best he can.)

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