The Story of a Tire-Changing Machine

Why Dine at the RH Restaurant, From the Brand Formerly Called Restoration Hardware?

[Editor’s note: We’ve had many requests for a write-up of our first experience as an independent business, but the general consensus was that we’d left Restoration Hardware behind and we weren’t quite ready to talk. Well, we’re finally ready to and this write-up is our first attempt at being very honest about our restaurant experience so far. This, after all, is a project that requires some emotional investment on our part, so please bear with us.]

I was sitting in the lobby of the now defunct Restoration Hardware store in Cambridge at 9:00PM on the first night of my trip to New York, trying to convince myself that I would not buy something in one of their shops, even though that seemed to be the most logical choice. This would be the last meal I would have in Cambridge before I left for New York City in the morning, but I would not buy anything.

If you don’t know the story, here it is.

In 1994, I was driving in my car down the Charles in Massachusetts when I heard a little screech of tires, indicating the loss of one of my tires. I drove around the block to the store I had parked in front of, thinking I’d just change a tire after all. As I drove through the parking lot, a man wearing a mechanic’s apron jumped out and asked if he could help me. It turned out that I’d just gotten my front tire off and the wheel was still spinning. It took a few runs up and down the block before I got it off and put it on the ground so anyone driving could see the tire that I had just been in danger of losing. At the time, it was a flat tire. After I changed the tire, the man told me that he was a member of Restoration Hardware and had done most of the work on my tire-changing machine. Although he wasn

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