The Sopranos: Robot and His Motorbikes

Colin Farrell doesn’t have many ‘true friends.’ But Brendan Gleeson is one of them. The two actors have been friends since high school when Gleeson helped Farrell get into drama school, and even before that, they had been friends since playing kids on the New Zealand TV show The Nakedy Boys. Now the two are reunited on television when Farrell turns up as a soldier in the new series of Mr. Robot. Gleeson plays the leader of The Resistance, a group of tech nerds who fight alongside Robot, the show’s central character.

Farrell and Gleeson have both recently been in the news after Gleeson announced he wanted to be a part of the final season of The Sopranos, and that he would return to his role on Mr. Robot. Gleeson has been very vocal about wanting to be in the show, and will have a major supporting role in the final season.

It comes as no surprise that the two share a love of technology. Gleeson and Farrell were the main characters in the short-lived TV show The Nakedy Boys, about a group of young people in New Zealand who make the unusual move to join cyberspace. The show only lasted a year, but it got a lot of attention, and The Nakedy Boys recently made the list of the greatest TV shows of all time in a BBC poll.

Farrell and Gleeson went on to make the short-lived TV show Robot and His Motorbikes. Robot and His Motorbikes was set about the time the Second World War wasn’t quite at a close. The show followed Gleeson and Farrell as they were sent to the US to attend a war college. Gleeson played the head of the science department at the college, and Farrell played a student.

When it was cancelled, Gleeson told New Zealand TV, “I never wanted to come back from the US that I felt I’d left the country like that and felt that I didn’t want to come back to the country I grew up in at all.” Gleeson has since come out and said he regretted going.

Now they have teamed up again and have talked about the show. Gleeson commented on the news that he was on the show, “

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