The Republicans Are In Office

Letters to the Editor: Why Karen Bass and Rick Caruso both give reason to hope on homelessness

I am not an editor. I have no formal editorial skills. My job is to write about my own experiences as best I can, and to speak to others about their struggles as best I can.

It’s not a perfect world. People are messy, and I am a person who’s seen a lot of people who are messy.

In the years after my mom’s death, and when I was in college, I worked for a newspaper in an office space that was cluttered and disorganized. I am a mess, too. But as someone who also has a mother who worked at a newspaper, I had a unique vantage point on the kind of working conditions my mom came from.

Since being out of the media world, I’ve come to see a lot of the issues facing people in cities – especially those without much money – through my own eyes.

In that way, I know that people can be helped. And so many people who are in that difficult position are at risk.

The first thing to know about this issue is that it is not a partisan issue in this town. There are Republican and Democratic mayors here in Hamilton County.

The Republicans are the ones who are in office.

My own mayor, Rick, isn’t a Republican, but he has been supportive of this program; he’s been very involved in the effort.

He’s working on other big issues, too. He’s also been working on addressing the homelessness problem.

My dad and I will be celebrating my 71st birthday later this year. If you know us, you know that we are not political party folks at all. You know all about the time he was in school in the 1950s, when he was a conservative Democrat, and we were Republicans.

We did not vote for the party anymore. We were Democrats, but I have a Republican great-grandfather and my dad’s father was a Republican — not Republican, but a conservative Democrat.

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