The progressives urge Democrats to back Trump

Progressives withdraw letter urging Biden to negotiate with Putin, say its release was a mistake.

“Democrats are urging Democrats to back Trump while we continue to resist Trump’s un-American agenda. To do that, we must withhold support for his disastrous defense policies and his racist campaign against immigrant communities,” two leading progressives — Michael Moore and Gloria Steinem — wrote in a letter to the Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer.

The lawmakers were reacting to the Trump administration’s defense policy announcement Monday, which they called a mistake. It was a day after the release of a New York Times op-ed that asked people of color to register to vote and to support politicians who want to see a country with a “unifying common creed” and “a shared destiny,” rather than divisions between the races and religions of America.

“The first order of business is to stop the Trump Administration from recklessly and illegally violating the international human rights law that is the foundation of the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity,” read the letter, which was released Monday afternoon. “For that reason, we oppose the defense policy that continues to fuel racism and hatred.”

The move also sent a strong signal to the Democratic Party that this election cycle is not the time to walk away from the progressive and liberal movement.

“Your letter sends an important message: The progressive movement will not back down from our principles,” wrote the Steinem and Moore. “The time is now for Democrats to stand firm on our values and push to elect Senator Schumer and the Democratic party to take us to the next level.”

At the top of the letter, the signatories cited the “tremendous outpouring from all over our country,” and called for “the progressive party to rally behind its leader and leader-in-waiting” as he “builds a progressive alliance of unity and strength.”

“We urge you to recognize the growing pressure on you to fight for the progressive causes you care so deeply about,” they concluded. “We urge you to join us in demanding that Congress begin righting wrongs of the past and not continuing them for the coming decade.”

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, a super PAC for down-ballot candidates, had already called on Democrats to stand by their principles and call on Republicans to “

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