The Problem With George Orwell’s Quote

Nicholas Goldberg: Why I’m voting against Rick Caruso. (It’s not because of his positions on the issues.)

Rick Caruso: I appreciate that you guys take the time to take the time to tell us what we’re doing wrong. I am a small town guy. My parents were small town guys. And when you’re young and you grow up in that environment, it’s tough. There’s a lot of pressures on kids.

When you grow up with that environment, you can get a little selfish and a little careless. And that can lead to a lot of problems on this planet. But it’s a choice. It’s about choosing between the lesser of two evils.

I believe that this particular choice is the lesser of two evils. I believe that we would be better off if the people in this country were allowed to choose for themselves. And I know that I’m not the only one who feels that way.

I’m sure that you’re familiar with the quote about the end of history because of the Bush administration. And that’s a quote from John Lennon’s song, Imagine that. The title of it is Imagine that. And Lennon was quoting from a piece by George Orwell.

The problem with this quote by Orwell, is that it was a quote from a novel by George Orwell. And we’re supposed to believe that this quote is something that is somehow applicable to the reality that we live currently. But it’s not. It’s only applicable to an author who was alive at the time of the novel’s writing. So for me to apply it to the world we live in today, we got to find another author.

But let’s leave it to the imagination.

The End of History?

The problem with that quote that I think is really relevant to the world we live in today, is that it ends with this question we can’t afford to ask, “And if we did ask it, the answer might be: It depends.”


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