The Mayor Should Have Been Taking Action in the Sept. 5 Shooting

Letters to the Editor: Latinx communities fighting racism don’t need Martinez, Cedillo and De León

From the letters section of the Sun-Sentinel, August 28, 2018

On Wednesday, I received a letter (July 28, 2018) from the editor of the Sun-Sentinel on my letter calling for accountability and action by the mayor and police departments, and calling Mayor de León and the police chief “uninformed and uninformed” of their actions on Sept. 5. The letter concluded with the statement, “…these statements of police are consistent with the community narrative and should be listened to.”

The editor’s letter went on to defend Mayor de León, saying she is a “pro-development” mayor who would not have “dismantled the police department.” The mayor’s office should have had “an awareness by the mayor that he had the power” to intervene in the police department, he said. What is important, the editor says, is that not only were public servants doing their job in the Sept. 5 shooting, he contends, but that the mayor should have “been taking action long before” that. The mayor has “taken a lot of heat for years for not bringing the police under mayoral control,” he added, and he says that with the Sept. 5 shooting, “the mayor is in a unique position to make this a lesson learned and not a political stunt.”

My contention is that this is a political stunt by the mayor, and one which needs to be called out on her behalf by the community.

When I wrote the Sun-Sentinel, I was responding to a comment on Facebook and on Twitter by Maria Martinez of the Latino Rebels PAC, the official political action committee of the Latino community, calling for greater attention to the Sept. 5 shooting by city leaders. The comment about the mayor was part of an article titled, “What could have caused de León’s sudden silence about the police?” The comment called for a more in-depth look at the mayor’s decision to allow the city to pay for police overtime, and that it was possible she was

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