The Mayor of Los Angeles is an Abortion Rights Activist

Nicholas Goldberg: Karen Bass says she’ll protect Angelenos’ abortion rights. But can the mayor of L.A. really do that?

The political left has been obsessed with abortion for decades. Now they’re trying to get the right to it out of the public square.

‘I’m all for it,’ says Karen Bass. The mayor of Los Angeles is also an abortion rights activist, having launched the city’s first pro-choice clinic.

But how can the city’s two most powerful women get their points across?

Karen Bass: I’m all for it!

We’re in the lobby of the Los Angeles Convention Center, where Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is holding a press conference announcing a new anti-bullying law.

We’re here to talk about the anti-bullying law.

I’m here to talk about the anti-bullying law he just signed. The mayor said it’s the way he deals with problems like bullying among his constituents. I’m here to talk to you about the anti-bullying law and, in part, how Karen Bass got involved.

Karen: The first time I heard about anti-bullying legislation, I think, was in the movie Thelma & Louise.

Nicholas Goldberg: It was an anti-bullying regulation?

Karen: Exactly. You know, I saw it about a month after it came out. But the interesting thing was that, at the movie theater, I stood up to the woman who was sitting in the back row.

Nicholas: What happened?

Karen: She said, “I’m going to write this story myself.”

Nicholas: How did you do that?

Karen: Well, you know, she was a very nice lady, and I was glad I didn’t have to call the police.

The mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, has done a lot for gay rights in the city’s history. But he’s also been a staunch anti-abortion rights advocate.

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