The Man Who Loves a Man

Colin Farrell doesn’t have many ‘true friends.’ But Brendan Gleeson is one of them. When the actor invites Colin to take his wife and newborn child to visit Ireland with him, his heart is in his mouth for a minute there, until Colin’s wife, Sophie, is the one to turn it on. Brendan has come to Ireland to help his friend’s family. In return, Colin is to help him.

But, while Brendan struggles to get to know Sophie, Colin finds it a challenge to keep up with her when he isn’t her husband. Then Sophie has a crisis of confidence. When all goes pear-shaped, will Colin become Brendan’s friend or enemy, and is he prepared to work with his wife?

“Astonishingly, you know, it doesn’t get any better than this,” Colin says. He’s right. This is the kind of romance that a man can’t imagine not being able to live with. Especially Colin, a man who is always looking for one more adventure.

* * *

“I think I did you a disservice by not introducing you when I first introduced you to my best friend Brendan, in London. And then we sort of hit it off. I was really glad, but you know that wasn’t for you. And my first instinct was to stop right there. Because I just think—hey, this sounds great, I’m a huge big city lover, but what do I know? I mean, I did write a play about my time in London. But I would never try and write about you, to be honest. And I wasn’t about to ask any of the people I knew in the city or my friends in Ireland—or even my parents. So I thought, the best thing I’ll just get it over with, and we’ll both go back to our lives.”

Colin is just beginning to find out everything about the world that he didn’t know when he first

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