The man was killed in what police believe may have been a carjacking

Carjacking victim killed after being dragged under his vehicle in South L.A. is identified

SOUTH L.A. — A man was killed in what police believe may have been a carjacking, and authorities say they’re searching for three other suspects in the brazen crime.

An L.A. County Sheriff’s Department lieutenant told reporters Saturday that the victim was in the process of stealing a vehicle in South L.A. when an unknown suspect in a maroon Cadillac struck him.

Lt. Paul Vernon told reporters that the victim was trying to make his getaway before officers arrived when the suspect drove his car into his front passenger side door.

The victim was then dragged under his vehicle and the car crashed into another, Vernon said.

Deputies say the victim was struck at the speed limit, and his body was found at the scene of the crash.

Deputies say the men who fled the scene of the carjacking have only been identified by their first names, but authorities believe they were all involved in the incident.

“We do believe that these three are all tied together in the carjacking of this gentleman,” Lt. Vernon said. “We don’t know why they would do that to him, so I don’t know why there weren’t other cars in the parking lot to stop them…. It is a very brazen carjacking.”

L.A. County Deputy Sheriff Steve Castro asked any witnesses to contact his office with any information.

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