The Johnsons aren’t complaining about the weather

How you can tell it’s fall in L.A., according to a guy from Vermont:

“It’s very green around here” — Bob Johnson

“I love to go to the park and look out over the mountains and look at all the colors. There’s really no other city that I would say has a much more diverse fall color. There’s a lot in between.” — Michael Johnson, another Vermont native

“The leaves on the trees are changing. The days are getting shorter and longer. The color is changing a lot. I think it’s going to be a spectacular winter.” — Scott Johnson

“I can’t complain about anything — I love it here. There is nothing that compares to L.A.” — Dan Johnson, Scott’s brother

“The leaves are changing, and they look really nice. There are bluebirds. There are flocks of geese. There are a lot of trees with leaves changing on them.” — Dan Johnson

“We are having an amazing time; there’s no better place to be in the world.” — Bob Johnson, a former Vermont legislator

When not at LADYBUG, Bob, Michael and Scott Johnson say that “the seasons do not quite seem to match our expectations.” And there’s not much else they’d like to complain about.

That’s why the Johnsons — all living in the hills southwest of L.A., each with three kids, a dog and a cat — spent most of this month playing outside as they waited for their home to be ready at a new school in L.A. Unified.

And while they might not have much to complain about…

“I love it here,” says Scott Johnson, a 27-year-old actor. “There’s nothing that compares to L.A. It’s an amazing place to be. I mean, it’s the second-best place in the world to live, if you only live long enough.”

“It’s fantastic,” says Bob Johnson, 58, their Vermont-born son, who works as a financial advisor and as a production coordinator for an advertising agency.

“I love living here. I like the color of the leaves, the color of the trees and the trees themselves. And it’s a beautiful place.”

Michael Johnson, a

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