The Fyre Festival’s Emergency Meeting

‘It was an absolute Fyre Festival.’ Before Miami contestants were enlisted to save the world, another group signed up in Montreal. But where were the cameras?

In the summer of 2017, before many people had even realized they were in the process of choosing a destination for their grand vacation, the media was buzzing with one of the most extraordinary stories in recent memory.

The Fyre Festival, a luxury, four-day festival that promised to offer a ‘wokeness’ experience, was in the planning stages. The event, which had been first hosted in Margaritaville, a nightclub on South Beach, in an attempt to capitalize on the success of the 2016 Miss USA pageant, was supposed to take place in a resort in the Bahamas. According to press reports of the time, the event was supposed to also feature a live music stage and special DJ sets.

“The organizers had decided that Margaritaville was going to be their first destination,” wrote the New York Times in a report on the event.

After spending the first seven days of planning the festival in Margaritaville’s warehouse, things finally started to unravel.

‘I’ve been told that Fyre Fest was the best Fyre Festival.’

As the days of the festival were drawing to a close, one of the festival’s key backers, rapper and former One Love supporter Jay-Z, was called to an emergency meeting. The rapper had recently received bad news when it was revealed that his wife Beyoncé had also decided to cancel her performance at the festival. “Jay has also been in the studio writing a couple of new songs,” wrote one source that has previously spoken to the outlet, “which is what I’m guessing ended up prompting Jay’s call.”

But he wasn’t the only one at this meeting. According to Vanity Fair‘s Ariana Grande, a representative of Fyre owner Billy McFarland, was also at the meeting. In what was reportedly a “heated exchange,” Grande described McFarland as being “like [their] best friend.”

“I’ve been told that Fyre Fest was the best Fyre Festival,” Grande wrote in Vanity Fair.

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