The Election Is Not a Battle Between Good and Evil

It’s 2024. Trump Backers Won’t Certify the Election. What Next, Legally?

If the election results are certified, we will have a new President and Congress, and more or less the same old fight to keep the republic from getting to hell. As long as that isn’t a fight you want to get involved in, I’ll leave you with some thoughts for a future post.

I know a lot of people who feel the need to comment on every little election change or decision because, as they see things, it is a fight between good and evil, or, in some cases, between Republicans and Democrats. That’s just a personal preference, and no one has any authority to tell you that you’re wrong.

In other words, because you have your own values, your own preferences, and your own experiences with life, you can make up your own mind about the election and all the decisions that will come from it. We have to be very careful here in the US of A, though.

I know a lot of liberal Christians, atheists, social activists, and others who, if things continue the way they have (which I think is an open question, but will be here shortly), will become a permanent outcast from the party and the country because they can’t stand the idea of voting for a politician who represents one’s political view, whatever that is. That’s the same reason why the majority of Americans vote Republican, but can’t stand the idea of a Republican who votes Republican. The reason they don’t like the way Donald Trump does business with the nation’s best interests in mind, and the reason they might disagree with a Democrat who does the same thing, can be summed up in the statement:

They have been taught that politics and elected officials are a means to an end. It’s not. It’s the end.

This will make it very unpleasant, as the Democratic Party will be forced to get a replacement nominee who will have to do

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