The Democrats Are Trying to Kill America

Our liberal media should start listening and talking more with actual voters instead of relying on data and polls to tell the story of their voting habits, and then they should stop pretending like they don’t have an agenda.

You can almost hear Republicans and Democrats arguing in the newsroom over how they should frame the election as a battle between good Republican ideas and Democrats’ bad ones. They talk over each other because they simply don’t understand one another.

It’s a bit like liberals yelling over each other when they first see the facts of the case against Trump.

They both want the opposite of the truth, but they can’t agree on what that is.

They agree that America is being led down a path of serfdom, but they don’t know who’s really leading us, and they’re more worried about a particular segment of the population than they are about everyone else.

How many Americans will the Democratic party kill by not speaking out about the real threat to our country?

Liberalism is the theory of government by the consent of the governed, which is a system where the will of the governed is paramount, not the will of the elite and powerful.

And America is indeed governed by the consent of the governed.

The elite and powerful are a very small portion of the American population, and the elites and powerful have become very wealthy from our society.

They think they deserve our support because they’re making money from the good of society.

When the Democrats start to speak out about a very real threat to our country, like the elites and powerful doing all they can to destroy it, our media will start to listen.

Until then, we’ll be stuck with the same old political arguments.

If those on the left and the right truly wanted to address the most important issue facing the country, the Democrats would be more vocal about the elites and powerful’s efforts to destroy us, not less.

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