Terry McAuliffe Is a Biden Fanatic in Virginia

The Battle for Blue-Collar White Voters Raging in Biden’s Birthplace State

It’s a strange sensation to be a Biden enthusiast (not a “fan” per se, but a Biden enthusiast) in a place that doesn’t vote for the man. And that’s especially troubling for former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

The Democratic leader from the state, who became the first black president of the United States and governor of the nation’s most racially polarized state, is campaigning for Biden’s son Hunter and a handful of other key Biden surrogates. It’s a campaign that has been dubbed “The Hunter Family Project” in light of the Democratic hopeful’s reported infatuation with the boy’s father, the former Delaware Democratic chairman.

For two months, McAuliffe has been the one who has been the most publicly flamboyant in Biden’s corner. To make up for his unaccustomed lack of support among his African American voters, McAuliffe has taken the lead in rallying support for Hunter Biden and his controversial ties to a Ukrainian natural gas firm that was once under investigation by the U.S. government. And, most recently, McAuliffe has used the “Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Theory” as justification to call Biden out for his recent, and questionable, comments suggesting the Ukraine issue could have been a personal vendetta.

But if the former governor of Virginia believes Biden is the answer to the nation’s current political crisis, he should know better than to play into the former vice president’s hand and turn the campaign into a proxy for his own political survival.

The Democratic Party is in a race for the soul of the nation’s white working class and the candidate who can best tap into that base has become the latest front in the Republican Party’s long game of winning back white working-class voters in states like Pennsylvania,

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