Supreme Court Justices: • Never reapply for a Supreme Court vacancy

Endorsement: Retain Chief Justice Patricia Guerrero, Supreme Court and appeals justices.

Endorsement: Restore the independent Office of the Congressional Counsel so the judiciary has an advocate in the legislative body.

Endorsement: Enact a rule to limit the number of justices on a Supreme Court vacancy to 3.

Endorsement: Replace the current “Appointments Clause” by a Constitutional amendment that would require the Senate to consider for confirmation all Supreme Court nominees.

Endorsement: All Supreme Court justices:

• Resign.

• Take a leave in order to be absent from the court for a certain period of time.

• If unable to take a leave, resign from the court.

• Have a leave of absence and then reapply to sit on the court until the end of the Supreme Court term.

• Resign again, having served the term that has expired.

• Never reapply for a Supreme Court vacancy.

• Reapply at least every 5 years. If a leave is ever denied, the previous leave is automatically renewed.

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