Standard Bank CEO Patrick Ssebunya says the country’s capital market is lacking

Inside Uganda’s emerging fintech ecosystem

Over the past few years, there has been an intense race to be Uganda’s first Fintech unicorn.

It is an impressive task for a country that has only just started to roll out its financial services landscape.

It is an impressive challenge for a country that has only just started to roll out its financial services landscape. With the country’s first bank — Standard Asset — being launched only this year, the pace of progress is relentless and relentless.

The Uganda Finance and Economic Development Commission’s ambitious plans to launch a financial services platform, the Uganda Technology and Communications Company (UTCC), in 2017.

But what is also apparent is that progress has been slower than anticipated, and the country is lagging behind other African countries.

“We have been doing this for a long time, but we have been late to the game,” said Henry J. Kyabut, chairman of Africa’s biggest bank, Standard Bank.

Standard Asset CEO Patrick Ssebunya, who has spent much of the past year building the bank, said that the country’s infrastructure, and particularly, Uganda’s capital market, is lacking.

“We have only recently moved to digitize the capital market here, and have only recently become fully functional, but we still need to do it,” he said.

The capital market was slow to digitize when it was developed in Uganda, and for years it was not used to be used, he added.

Ssebunya said that Standard Bank is currently focusing on digitizing other markets, including the land value capture market and commercial real estate, to create access to wealth for people who may not have access to finance, as well as to create more demand for credit.

Lack of digitalization has been one of the biggest challenges for the country, Ssebunya said.

“The biggest challenge we face is lack of infrastructure. We have only recently put into place the technology to digit

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