Sheriff Villanueva is not the young man who took over the sheriff’s department from John McMahon in the early 1990s

Column: Winter is coming for Sheriff Villanueva, one way or another.

Sheriff Villanueva is getting on in years. He is no longer the young man who took the reins of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department from John McMahon in the early 1990s.

“He’s not as hale and hearty, not as outgoing, he’s not as lively and vibrant as he once was,” said Brian R. Faulconer, a former L.A. County supervisor who is now a real estate agent in the Los Angeles area.

Villanueva has a gruff voice, Faulconer said.

“It comes out with a lot of anger,” Faulconer said. “He’s not known for his love and affection for people, so he’s kind of guarded.”

That makes this week’s news even more concerning for Villanueva.

As of Sunday, the Sheriff’s Department had 1,040 active cases under review.

All told, there have been 1,100 total crimes, including sexual assault, grand theft auto and narcotics, that have been reported to the department, according to the Sheriff’s Department. That is up from the 1,095 active cases reported in the last fiscal year.

Villanueva and his department are currently embroiled in a controversy over their handling of a video taken in a sheriff’s substation, showing an arrest and its aftermath.

The video has been the subject of an internal investigation by the Sheriff’s Department’s internal watchdog, the Office of Professional Accountability.

It was also referred to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office on Friday. The DA’s office announced that they were opening an investigation to determine if the department committed a crime by using and displaying the video.

“I think that it has some interesting implications, and I think that it is of sufficient nature to warrant an investigation,” Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey

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