Ralph Macchio’s First Public Performance

Ralph Macchio Will Always Be ‘The Karate Kid.’ He’s Finally Fine With That. And Other Recent Stories

I am a big fan of Ralph Macchio. He’s been my favorite character in the Karate Kid since seeing the film way back when. We even had a Karate Kid Christmas movie that year. And I’ve liked him for, well, a long time. He was so cute. So in love with his mom. And so much more.

But this past week, after Ralph Macchio made his first public television appearance since he’s been out of the hospital, things have gotten a little awkward. Not that Macchio’s in the awkward stage—he’s a total pro. He’s not a total comedian, but he’s got the moves to pull off one. What’s weird is that his comments—to a live audience—have gotten pretty tame compared to his comments on Twitter.

So in the spirit of self-deprecation, I’m going to take a stab at explaining what the Macchicoverse has been up to recently.

Ralph Macchio in his own words:

“I really don’t want to do that [live],” he says. “I want to stay on my own turf.” I ask him to explain. “If I tell it to you,” he says, “it’s going to sound pretty cheesy. You don’t want that.”

I’ve heard that before.

When Macchio was just a young boy, he used to tell a bunch of his friends, and sometimes his parents, that he was the kid from the Karate Kid.

“It was always fun because they laughed,” he reflects. “I didn’t do the action. But I did stand-up comedy.”

His first public performance was, he remembers, a bit of an anticlimax. “But I had a kid like me so I had to do it anyway,” he smiles. “At least I did.” But eventually, he became the star of his own show. And his own comic persona.

“I got to live out my dreams as a kid,” he says. “My dreams were

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