Pierre-Emile Hoogland speaks of his ‘terrifying’ rape allegations against two football officials

Patrice Evra: Former France star opens up about sexual abuse and rape allegations in his career

The former goalkeeper who won the World Cup with France has spoken of his ‘terrifying’ rape allegations against two football officials

Former France international forward Pierre-Emile Hoogland said he is’stunned’ by his rape allegations, which were made to a former French Football Federation official.

The 34-year-old said he was on a ski trip with the two officials in the French Alps, when they came into contact with the two young girls.

Hoogland also said he was the one who first proposed the ‘romantic’ encounter.

The pair were both reportedly working for the French Football Federation as members of the European Football Federation’s Youth Committee.

The former France international said his life was ‘unfortunately’ ruined by what he had experienced.

‘This is a real nightmare. I am shocked with myself. I am absolutely stunned by what has happened to me,’ he said in a statement.

‘Of course my life has been in ruins. It is hard to explain without going into details, but this is an experience I always tried my best to avoid.

‘This is a really traumatic experience, it really affected my life.

‘I am completely devastated by what happened and I want to share my thoughts with you, so that we can see what really happened and make sure it is all recorded.’

French authorities have launched an investigation into the allegations against the two officials, believed to have been based on interviews with one of the victims.

The official, who remains anonymous, said he had been trying to help the pair, who were on the ski trip with three children.

In a tearful interview with The Daily Mail, the official said he approached the pair to offer his help in the spring of 2016.

He said: ‘I was on the ski lift with my friends and I was chatting with a young man – this was a few days before I met him

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