Patricia Holmes’s sentencing could take over the entire week

Elizabeth Holmes Case Takes On More Drama Ahead of Sentencing

The sentencing hearing of actress Patricia Holmes could take over the entire week ahead of her Nov. 25 court date, which was originally scheduled to begin on Aug. 27. Now, the prosecutor’s case is on the agenda as well.

A judge has yet to issue a written opinion on Holmes’s request for leniency. Holmes’s former lawyer, Dan Conroy, was also ordered to surrender his law license after he was found to have lied under oath.

Holmes, 61, pleaded guilty to obstruction and perjury in January 2017. She was initially charged with lying to law enforcement and obstruction during a 2015 interview with the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge later convicted Holmes of perjury and obstruction, and sentenced her to two years in state prison and ordered her to pay $10,000 in fines. She was released on $10,000 bail during the case.

Conroy, who previously represented a number of celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Jessica Lange and Gwyneth Paltrow, was also sentenced to six months in jail in a separate case last week.

In a statement issued to court this week, Holmes’s former lawyer stated he believed he was forced to represent Holmes.

“Patricia was an innocent victim of her own hubris,” David Frucht said. “She did it because she was embarrassed and embarrassed was the only reason she would ever ask to speak to law enforcement. This will be made clear to her on her sentencing date when she will have to explain to the court.

“Her sentence is to be taken into account.”

At Holmes’s sentencing last Tuesday, Frucht claimed that she had been intimidated by L.A. County Sheriff’s Department investigators who spoke with Holmes for several hours last year.

Conroy, though, previously testified that he was simply not aware of how many hours went by between the interview and the final interview with detectives.

“I was not aware there was so much time between Patricia’s first interview and her second interview,” he said in an Aug. 18 court hearing.

Holmes, who appeared with her husband, Eric Holmes, and two children at the hearing, told the judge that the case had taken a toll on her.

“I didn’

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