Mike Davis’ Life is the Same As His Dad

The key to Mike Davis’ brilliance: He never fit in anywhere – and the one place he fit in was the Warriors’ locker room. (Getty Images)

When Mike Davis was in high school, he heard his father and two basketball coaches each say something that seemed to encapsulate what it was like to play for the University of Pittsburgh.

“They said, ‘We go in there and, every time we get in the huddle, at halftime, we go up there and we say we gotta win this game,’” Davis said. “They never said that but it was always what it meant to them to win.”

Davis understood the importance of that mantra. He began playing basketball for the University of Pittsburgh in his freshman year. He would then go on to join the NBA. He played in the NBA, then signed as a free agent, with the Warriors, with whom he’s played since 2016.

Davis has the same mindset as his father and two coaches.

“Everything I’ve been through, the things I’ve been through, were by design,” Davis said. “When you go through all the things I went through, I still think about basketball. I still think it’s the most important thing. I still think you’re going to get the chance, you’re going to be in the right spot on time, so you’ll play well. You do all these things on purpose, because you’re going to get a chance, you’re going to be in the right spot, so you play well.”

Mike Davis’ approach to life is the same as his coaching. The Warriors’ coach has built a family — his wife, Taya, his daughters, Aneesa and Kaya, and his five dogs that accompany him everywhere he goes — and then he puts that to use for every aspect of his life.

Mike Davis loves to spend time with his kids because they’re his world. (Getty Images)

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