Marvel Reality Stones: A New Way to Give Your Son a Gift

Marvel’s Reality Stones are real, spectacular rubies — and they’re on sale right now.

That all began when The Hub’s own Mike and Denise McManus were looking for a new present for their 13-year-old son, Adam.

“We started thinking, what can we do to give him a gift that’s more than just a book or something on a shelf?” said Mike, who owns and operates a family business in North Dakota and was a member of the United States National Guard.

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It was that conversation that finally led to the creation of Marvel Reality Stones — rubies that will actually look like gems for sale at comic book shops.

The stones are based on Marvel’s popular Marvel Comics characters.

It all started as a joke.

Mike McManus, a comic book retailer in Fargo, N.D., and his wife, Denise, decided to make a book of Marvel Comics characters, he said, “but I figured that what we really need is a rock-solid gem.”

Then Marvel Reality Stone started as a joke.

“We had this idea of making rubies to look like all the Marvel heroes,” McManus said.

For his first rubies, McManus made rubies that looked like gems to him.

“And every time I thought it looked good,” he said. “So I started doing it.”

Soon, Mike decided to open his own shop in Fargo, and soon after, he opened a second shop, called The Star Shop.

“We’d always wanted a shop that was in a place that was safe, secure and looked like a home,” McManus said.

He and Denise started thinking about who they could get to make rubies for them.

“We started thinking who we really, honestly, really, wanted to have rubies made out of,” McManus said.

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They decided on two artists — a local artist and artist Scott Campbell — to create rubies that looked like gemstones.

They chose Scott Campbell because he is such a talented artist, McManus said, and they knew he would be able to match the look of rubies to the colors of Marvel’s comics.

In the end

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