Kyrgios is an Outsider in the Golf Industry

Nick Kyrgios complains of marijuana smell during US Open second round win over Xavier Malisse, and he was right. “My first day with this team I woke up and smelled pot on the bus,” he wrote.

What’s more, Kyrgios may not be the first to smell marijuana during a round of golf. In September 2012, Tiger Woods tweeted out a photo of the smell of weed in his locker. He also tweeted a picture of the locker with weed on it; his teammates joked that it was a photo of their own locker.

Kyrgios, meanwhile, has been open about what he experiences as a member of the team. The young Australian is a good-looking guy who can serve as a symbol of how things are supposed to be: fun and carefree.

Yet he is a great athlete who has been accused of various transgressions throughout his career. After an initial accusation by Australian golfer Jason Day, Kyrgios was hit with a one-year fine and a loss of ranking points. The incident was a misunderstanding, but he later received the equivalent of a lifetime ban from the PGA Tour.

In 2015, Kyrgios was involved in another incident, this one with his then-team captain at the time, Marc Leishman.

Kyrgios tweeted about the incident, which occurred on the weekend of March 14, saying that Leishman was taking advantage of him. A video of the argument and ensuing confrontation was later posted on the Internet. They have since released a joint statement of apology.

“As a leader, there is always a risk of conflict and I do not condone the actions of my captain,” Kyrgios wrote. “I am deeply sorry for the situation that occurred and I deeply regret the actions that I have taken in response. I am committed to making amends and I will do my very best to ensure that this never happens in the future.”

Kyrgios’s actions are not the only reason why he is an outsider in the current crop of young stars. It is hard to say he is better than anyone else, though he would be the best of the four major champions on

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