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Kevin de León is not the problem

Kevin de León is not the problem

Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León wants to serve his constituents. So why isn’t he resigning?

Kevin de León, who represents District 10, is a good man that makes me look bad.

He is a community activist. The son of immigrants from Guatemala and Honduras, he has served on the boards of the San Francisco Conservancy for Community Development and the City’s Park District. He attended the University of California, Davis, and studied economics with the goal of becoming a community organizer.

The problem is he has never had to make money. His parents worked to provide for his needs and the needs of his family. He raised his kids and served his constituents with excellence and without asking for a salary.

He should be proud, not embarrassed. If a community activist has to earn money to support his family, he should not be an elected representative of the people.

There is no reason for de León not to resign and his constituents will be happy if he steps aside.

But I am telling you, De León is never going to resign and he will never let anyone else do it! He will fight hard, for District 10, for his constituents and he will not stop trying until he is back in office.

Kevin de León is not the problem.

It is the other elected officials who are the problem!

Ed Jager

South San Francisco

A lot more to this case

We will discuss the merits of these cases at another time, but for now, let’s ask the question on everyone’s mind:

What else is going on behind closed doors?

If there are still members of the board of supervisors in possession of emails from the governor and others to the CEO of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, shouldn’t they be fired? Or better yet, why aren’t they?

Why would anyone believe they wouldn’t have them? We have seen a lot of this on the news recently, including a letter from the district attorney’s office to the board of supervisors stating that it is “apparent” that the emails are public record and that

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