Kanye West’s Public Trolls Against Race Have Been a Toxic Mix of Bravado, Arrogance, Ignorance, and Racism

Kanye West Faces Costly Fallout: A Timeline of His Racist Rantings & Public Accusations

Kanye West’s public tirades against race have been a toxic mixture of bravado, arrogance, ignorance, and racism.

For nearly a decade, Kanye West has been the most popular rapper on the planet, with his musical and rapping talent garnering him a large following of ardent followers and new fans.

But for all the accolades and recognition West has earned, the rapper stands as a walking contradiction of the black culture that he represents. West’s outspoken public statements against the injustices in the black community are steeped in bigotry against black people of all walks of life.

While it is obvious that the rapper has been very vocal against the violence that has plagued the African-American community, his violent attacks on people of other races have continued unabated. He has repeatedly called white people “grapeles,” an old reference to white people being fruit. West also called white people “fucking” and “stupid” in a song from his 2012 album Yeezus.

The rapper has also repeatedly used anti-Semitic and homophobic rhetoric and has repeatedly used racist rhetoric to attack the black community and other races of people.

But we’ve all been hearing this narrative — a narrative that West’s detractors have been attempting to label as an artist trying to “save” his beloved race. This narrative has been echoed by many in the media who have tried to portray Kanye West as an artist that wants to “save” black people from America’s current social problems.

But the more we look into the many tweets and posts from West that have revealed West’s true intentions and feelings, it appears that the rapper is trying to “save” himself and his race from the many injustices that have transpired in

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