Kanye West’s First Tweet From Gab

As Kanye West’s business partners back away, rapper buys right-wing social media platform

The latest episode of West’s “Jesus is King” tour kicked off in New Orleans Saturday and continued through New York Monday. West appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” Saturday and took the stage without performing. And he took more than a few questions about his recent “I swear to God” video, the response to which has left many baffled. But the rapper’s response during his interview with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night did give fans a glimpse into what makes Kanye West tick. It also shed light on the social media platform West bought this month, Gab, which he has described as a place where he and Beyoncé would “go on vacation together.”West made his social media platforms purchases at about the same time that he made his first purchases on Gab, a platform he described as a place where he and Beyoncé would “go on vacation together.” And he doesn’t appear to have given up on Gab or Instagram altogether — he made more than 2,000 Instagram posts between his purchases. And he also wrote his first tweet from Gab on Friday night.West also wrote his first tweet from Gab on Friday night. West’s Gab account was created on Feb. 22. It was tweeted about 8,500 times during its first 12 hours. During those 12 hours, the account was retweeted 3,400 times and liked 6,400 times.In other words, West’s first tweets from Gab were often “likes.” In his interview with Colbert, West revealed that Twitter had blocked him from replying to Gab users who contacted the rapper’s company with complaints about his social media accounts. And now Gab users are tweeting at West. On Saturday, Gab tweeted to West’s business partner, Scott Dorsey, asking him to “curb [West’s] social media accounts” — a reference to Dorsey’s tweet last week calling West’s company “f–ing nuts,” and a suggestion that West’s business partner was using Gab “to cover his tracks.” The response from Dorsey was swift: “You need to

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