Jordan, 67, of Los Angeles, died in a car crash in Los Angeles

Leslie Jordan, ‘Will & Grace’ actor and ‘queer icon,’ dies at 67 after crash in Hollywood

Leslie Jones, one of the most acclaimed and talked-about performers on television, died in a car crash early Wednesday morning in Los Angeles. He was 67.

Jordan, who played the eccentric Will Truman on the NBC comedy, was involved in a traffic accident on the Pacific Coast Highway early, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

In a statement published on his Facebook page, Jones wrote, “The world was robbed by one of the great artists of this generation. I always love seeing him on TV and I was so fortunate to work with him for such an incredible run of seasons and movies over the years. He was a true artist and a beautiful soul. One can only hope there is more yet to come from him.”

He continued: “It was like losing a member of the family. I will miss him deeply. Love Leslie, Les. Fly high. Fly free, ya sono ciarlate, (hail to you, you’re flying) and may God surround you with love, joy and courage for the journey.”

He also commented on his upcoming projects, including directing and starring in a new film, and starring in The People v O.J. Simpson, an upcoming documentary series chronicling the trial.

“I am excited to direct a movie, The People v. O.J. Simpson, which is a subject matter I feel very strongly about and will not be easy. It takes a tremendous amount of work–and of course, money–to make it a worthwhile project. But it is the best way to document the case. It is a story of a man who was wrongly accused and wrongfully convicted and it is a story of the American legal system and our society,” he wrote.

Jordan continued, “As to The People v. O.J. Simpson, it is a documentary about the greatest miscarriage of justice in the history of our country. It is a story that, like a lot of stories in the news, has come out of the courtroom, and there’s no way we are going to bring it to screens until we get some answers. We are waiting for the outcome of the appeals and we are working very, very hard on it, but we have to be patient, because it may be some time before we see a resolution to these kinds of issues from

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