I am so over Anne Hathaway and her vapidness.

James Corden is out, Anne Hathaway is in. But the biggest hypocrite is us. Despite the fact that we spend so much time talking about how great the Hathaways are, we have yet to take a single minute to show them the respect that they deserve.

You have to be pretty delusional to believe that Anne would have anything to do with a guy named Corden. They have very different styles and she’s much more polished than he is.

It’s really quite shocking that a movie so highly lauded for its acting can be a complete sham.

I am so over Anne Hathaway and her vapidness. She has never had anything remotely to do with the “I am so over Anne Hathaway” meme. I don’t think she has even read one of her books, let alone the ones out today. She is not only vapid but a boring, vapid Hollywood actress who can’t even carry a movie.

And yet, people like Anne Hathaway get paid millions for their work in movies. She gets paid $15 million for being in this thing, which is a drop in the bucket compared to how much she would get from her movies if she actually used her talent and not let studio brass cut her a break.

I’m not saying that she’s not attractive (I like her), but she’s no Anne. He’s a horrible, vapid mess who cannot act. Like, she’s not like Anne, he’s like she, so I can’t really imagine what they’re going to be like together.

You know, they do have a real bond. So that doesn’t really matter. Like, you don’t have to “love” someone to want to “love” them. But they do have a real bond so I don’t think you can call them complete garbage.

I agree that she should’ve gotten a part in the remake of “Star Trek”, but that was because they had their budget, they didn’t have to buy her new car, etc. She’d get the same amount of money out of the new movie, even if she did the work on her own.

I am so

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