How to Follow a House Race Like This

Your guide to California’s Congressional District 26 race: Rep. Julia Brownley vs. Matt Jacobs

This week the district’s newest member, Rep. Julia Brownley, is hitting the road and making the rounds to make the case that her opponent, Matt Jacobs, isn’t the one for the job.

The Republican congressman is inching closer to becoming the first San Diego-area member of Congress to represent all parts of the district, joining Rep. Darrell Issa as the only Republicans to ever do that.

After the most expensive House race in California history, Jacobs said it’s time for California voters to decide who is best suited to represent their interests.

He’s calling on Democrats and Republicans alike to “come together to get behind him before it’s too late.”

Here’s how to follow a race like this one in Congress, and how it’s all shaped up.

Democrats need to make sure California voters remember they are the ones “bringing the change,” Jacobs said.

“I’m standing here with Matt Jacobs, and I’m being asked to explain why I haven’t been able to bring about change,” Jacobs said. “And I’m having to explain why I’m the first member of Congress ever to represent all of California’s 29 congressional districts. And I’m thinking, ‘How do I explain when I can’t even get through to enough of the people who are right here in my district, so that we can get things done?’”

It’s going to be a long slog to get the votes necessary to win a Democrat-controlled House, Brownley said in response to Jacobs’s claims that she and Republicans in the district had come to an agreement to end the long-held partisan divide.

“The Democrats have to make sure that people remember that as far

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