How I Escaped to Oregon and New Hampshire with a Boyfriend

Op-Ed: Here’s what I wish I’d known before road-tripping across America in 2017

A couple of months ago, I had a chance to write a little post about how I took an “escape” to Oregon and New Hampshire with a boyfriend of mine, and I’ve decided to re-post it with a little less sugar coating.

As you may know, this past year was an absolute whirlwind. We made our own road trip with a friend, and we lived in New York City and travelled up and down the East Coast with our girlfriend, both of whom we’d known for several years. This past year had more exciting happenings in it than I can count, and as I got swept up in the excitement, I decided to take a break.

The way I felt was, that I hadn’t really done anything to prepare myself for moving to California. I had no real job lined up or anything to make me nervous and anxious, and after spending the past week in my apartment back in New York, I thought I’d better let things settle down for a while before I went exploring. When the time came, I decided to visit Portland, which turned out to be one of the most beautiful and interesting places I’ve ever seen, all because of my blog and its readers.

I had a little money going into the trip, so I thought I’d make it more of a vacation than a trip. I decided to rent a car, spend a few days exploring some of the best attractions in Oregon, and drive down to New Hampshire, where my boyfriend lives, and spend a few days there to spend time with him and his family. I was excited to see him after all that time apart, and to explore the beautiful places I’d been hearing so much about.

When I got to Portland, however, I found out the city had shut down. The car rental company said it was because of a strike, and when I asked why they had that to say, they said they

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