GREG GUTFELD: The voters don’t know.

GREG GUTFELD: Politics is integrated into everything now.

You have to talk about the president’s job approval rating from the point of view of the people he represents. So this is a big shift from what is happening with most of the issues the voters care about.

TOM HAYES: A much more negative view.

GREG GUTFELD: They see him as a negative, and in a certain way are looking at the presidency in a negative way. Most voters don’t.

TOM HAYES: What is not understood here are the millions of ordinary Americans who get the news.

GEORGE CARLIN: We have to make sure that the president is not held responsible for what he does not do.

GREG GUTFELD: And many of them are voting, and they are not.

TOM HAYES: I went to my neighbor’s garage — the guy lives in a trailer. He has five cars. He drives two of them to work.

GEORGE CARLIN: We have got to make it easier for people to vote.

TOM HAYES: They have two choices here, either vote for the old guys, or vote for Trump.

GREG GUTFELD: We are dealing with a new reality. And that is the voters don’t know. We are talking about the fact that the president doesn’t know. He is not responsible for his own actions. He is, however, responsible for the actions of his appointees.

TOM HAYES: When I drove to the rally, I was told that there would also have been a protest at the National Football League headquarters. A local union local, the SEIU, had organized some protesters to stand up to the president. But what they couldn’t have predicted was that a few hundred or a few thousand people would descend upon the White House a century of democracy since Abraham Lincoln.

GEORGE CARLIN: We’re going to do some work.

TOM HAYES: To stand on the

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