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Donald Trump is a pathological liar

Donald Trump is a pathological liar

Letters to the Editor: Mr. Trump, please don’t run. The nation needs healing, not you.

Donald Trump is the quintessential embodiment of a destructive force that has infected the American imagination. The sheer breadth and depth of the destruction he has wreaked will inevitably lead to his own destruction.

He will continue to make fools of us one moment and then be the most powerful person in the free world the next.

We deserve better than that.

Donald Trump is a dangerous, ignorant, reckless, self-serving, untrustworthy and divisive force who cannot be trusted to serve anyone, whether they are his supporters or anyone else.

He is clearly unfit to be president and would be a detriment to any nation, including our own.

He is an affront to the dignity, pride, security, independence, integrity and patriotism of our nation.

We should elect someone better. We should take a breath and a deep breath and look in the mirror and remind ourselves that we are better than this.

In the immortal words of Theodore Roosevelt: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

We should not run.

Meredith A. Kline, M.D.


A “dishonest” and “obnoxious”

As you point out, the president needs to be a better listener.

The president’s dishonesty and narcissistic behavior are both very harmful to our country.

Let’s not forget he was a pathological liar during his campaign. Then he ran with the lies in the White House, which is why he is so angry with the voters who didn’t fall for them. They didn’t “buy” them. Because as far as he is concerned, those voters are traitors.

Mr. Trump is certainly a person who hates most things, including the American people, and he is also a pathological liar.

His behavior is unbecoming of the great White House, and frankly, I don’t understand the president’s obsession with this. Surely there is more important stuff going on.

I believe Mr. Trump understands the negative effects of

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