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Christopher LaVoie’s “Survivor” Story

Christopher LaVoie’s “Survivor” Story

Who is Christopher LaVoie? Man behind ‘4 Days’ reality shows has history of run-ins with police, dubious business ventures

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In 2007, Christopher LaVoie appeared on a nationally-televised television show called “Survivor Series,” a show whose purpose is to expose the most bizarre, absurd aspects of the human experience. The show was called “The Challenge,” and, as its name suggests, participants were tasked with completing a series of challenges, which included various types of physical activity. Each of the 20 players faced a pre-scheduled challenge each week, but the participants were not told the challenge ahead of time; rather the show’s producers would simply present a challenge at a later point during the course of a week. At the end of each week, show hosts would reveal the winner of the previous game, and contestants would have to guess which one was the winner.

In the case of “Survivor: Philippines,” a week prior to the show airing in the Philippines, the episode was called “Survivor: Survivor: Survivor: The Philippines.” The season was going to be a bit more extreme than the typical version of the show, with participants “putting their survival skills to the ultimate test.”

LaVoie auditioned for the show, but he was cast as an “entertainer” in this season’s version of “Survivor,” not an actor like the rest of the cast.

LaVoie, who appeared on the show and made brief cameo appearances in two other episodes, was introduced as a representative of an American business venture called “4 Days Media Studios” that he founded in the Los Angeles area in 2003.

A year later, LaVoie abruptly announced that the production company he had founded had fallen into “disarray,” and he “left and went to work for a different company (he could not tell the companies due to his pending bankruptcy proceedings).” (LaVoie disputes this; he says it’s all a lie, and he has no assets.) In 2012 he filed for bankruptcy again, claiming he didn’t have any assets. That year

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