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Christopher LaVoie Talks About his New Business on Q

Christopher LaVoie Talks About his New Business on Q

He used charm, others’ personal tragedies and fake celebrity endorsements. How Christopher LaVoie cast his reality show and reeled in successful entrepreneurs – and how he never missed an opportunity to turn them into clients and fans

Christopher LaVoie was the guy with the celebrity endorsement when it came to his new reality TV show on Q. The Canadian man – who was one of the original cast members on the dating show, Bachelor in Paradise – was all set for a successful online sales career thanks to his work on the show with his first love, entrepreneur Kelly O’Brien.

It all came crashing down quickly for the Toronto-based professional web designer, though. His real life wife, Rebecca, gave birth to their daughter a couple months after he was cast as a member of the cast in the show, causing LaVoie to move to Toronto to spend time with his new family. His daughter, Charlotte, was only five months old at the time, causing him to go on a month-long hiatus from his job to bring his daughter to his new home.

Then tragedy struck again – his now-wife had a car accident right before he was supposed to take her to her doctors’ appointment and fell in the backseat instead. The accident caused an aneurism-like stroke that left her paralyzed on one side of her body and confined to a wheelchair.

Even though his reality TV show with Q did go off the air, LaVoie found a job on the popular online store, Etsy. And to his surprise, the online business he started has become a multi-million-dollar success, and the personal tragedy didn’t stop him from continuing on his business.

LaVoie took the time to talk about his experience on Q and his new business. During the conversation, he talked about how he used charm and made it look like he was using his celebrity status for profit. But he did all this with the best interests of his new business in mind.

He talked about how he took his own business to the next level without a single dime from his previous online venture. He also talked about how he used his personal tragedy to cast an entrepreneur in a reality TV show.

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