Christina Aguilera Says Good-bye to American Idol

What Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Wore Last Week On The ‘American Idol’ Season Finale

It’s been almost a year since The Hills premiered on Monday Night Football, and its final episode was even more shocking than the other episode, which didn’t leave us with much good to say about American Idol’s final season.

For “The First Cut,” American Idol’s new season actually kicked off with a clip featuring the last song of its own Top 40 finalist, Kelly Clarkson. The clip was so memorable, that a new clip of the song was leaked to the Internet last week, and it’s even crazier than Kelly’s infamous performance on the show last season.

To be honest, Kelly’s last performance was the most interesting part of the episode, since she was forced to sing during her audition. The rest of the performances were just normal elimination rounds that happened to be filmed. But, the best part about this clip is probably the reason why American Idol decided to premiere it; after the show aired, it became a massive hit on YouTube.

As you all know, this clip was a ‘American Idol’ original song, sung by none other than Christina Aguilera herself, who is a judge on the show.

So the song that was supposed to be aired last week, “The First Cut,” became a YouTube classic that now has more then 50 million views.

Before she signed off the show, Christina Aguilera told us how she feels now that she’s left American Idol:

“I’m so very happy because I feel like I’m here now.”

And after the finale, she went to say good-bye to the show that was giving her happiness every season, and she told us why she decided to return for a fifth season:

“I can’t believe it, I had so much fun. I wish all the contestants could have had as much fun as I had. I�

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