Borna ori vs Caroline Garcia — The Final of the European Tour

Borna Ćorić and Caroline Garcia both make history with title wins at the Cincinnati Masters.

By the end of the first round, it started to look like the match was a bit of a mismatch for the former world number six. Borna Ćorić had defeated Caroline Garcia by a score of 6-3 on the European Tour and had to have been happy to take the first set. The Croatian number one was playing with a bit of a back problem, and it showed. She struggled to get to grips with the serve and to maintain her timing on it. She was a bit sloppy and it took a while to get back into it and to start finding the net.

The second set began equally, with Borna making one or two mistakes here and there. The serve took a while to get to grips with, and Borna could be seen struggling a bit to get to the net and to hold the big points. The net was too hard to get through, and Borna tried to run down some big points and ran out of net.

Garcia was serving with ease and hit some great winners off the back foot to try to make Borna sweat. She came close to breaking twice. Borna was still pressing the pace and getting to the net and controlling the points. The second set was much tighter than the first.

The first game of the third set was over in just four moves, with Borna dominating the opening moments. Garcia started to run a little loose and the points started to come. It was Garcia who hit a huge winner to take the first set.

The second set was more difficult, it was all borna, she was serving with great pace, she hit some great winners and was controlling the points, but Garcia did not have the pace to run down Borna, and it all came out of Borna’s hands. Borna was too slow to get to the net and she could not find the net. Borna was trying her best while playing just off the pace. The second set went six games without a break, only an easy hold of the set by Garcia helped set up the match. Borna’

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