AUSTIN, Texas _ A state judge has dismissed five lawsuits against a marijuana company

Op-Ed: Misleading political TV ads are filling up California’s ‘news deserts’

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ A Republican has made his first TV ad buy in California. A Democrat has made his last one. A Republican has a plan to turn America’s most populous state blue _ a year before 2018 is supposed to be a big election.

In both cases, the candidates have done it with no money. The difference is that, with political ads, there’s no limit on spending; it’s legal. With real estate, there is. The result is that politicians are now spending a high percentage on TV and there’s no limit on it.

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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ A state judge has ruled that Texas-grown marijuana cannot be sold at the city’s only pot shop. The ruling came in response to two lawsuits against Colorado-based company Green Cross and another against two neighboring cities.

One lawsuit accused Green Cross of a violation of the city’s ordinance, which says any pot shop or farm must meet certain fire safety, health and safety and zoning requirements.

The other lawsuit argued that not requiring pot shops to meet those requirements discriminated against the local businesses.

Local governments have the right to decide whether or not to allow retail pot sales.

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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ A state judge has dismissed five lawsuits against a marijuana company, saying the plaintiffs lacked standing to file the case.

The district court judge dismissed the lawsuits filed by four people who had bought pot seeds. One of them, a plaintiff named Johnnie Aikman, was the first to file a lawsuit against Green Cross in 2012.

The judge said Aikman was not a victim of the company’s marijuana growing operation. And he didn’t buy the seeds _ or their THC content _ from Green Cross. He got them off the internet without knowing anything about the company, he said.

“The issue was really simple. Johnnie Aikman had purchased marijuana seeds without sufficient knowledge,” wrote Judge Robert Ralston in granting the company’s motion to dismiss the suit.

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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ A Texas man has been ordered to pay $200,000 for filing a false police report that resulted in

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